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We feel that there is great benefit from partnering up-and-coming professionals in various fields with experienced and capable individuals that have “been there and done that”.  Imagine the benefits of learning from a resource and friend on specifics to success in your work and career.
The team at eMentorship is working hard to complete our online website to attract and pair you up.  Each program has a duration of 6 months to one year.  Hey realize, this isn’t a dating site, it’s a mentorship site.  From our experience, the mentorship objective lasts for up to 12 months, but friendships that are built on trust and respect, last for years.

"This product is fabulous and giving two individuals the ability to take a couple of hours a month to meet and focus on career questions, business advice and fast track people through the maze of trial and error is greatly rewarding for both participants."

-Marc Bombenon, eMentorship Founder

Benefits of Mentorship

The relationship between Mentor and Protégé begins with an idea, some specific background experience, and our passion to match two people on a short, impactful journey together that results in many benefits for both.

Benefits For Protégés

When you're just getting started on a career path there is so much impact from being mentored - here are a few impacts:

  • Get paired up with someone respected and connected in your field of education and career path.
  • Wisdom, experience, advice and shared ideas in a confidential atmosphere encouraging honest and open dialogue.
  • Realize that regardless of the new technologies and communication platforms, what was old, is new again in the form of values and traditions
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Benefits For Mentors

There are immeasurable personal and professional impacts of becoming a mentor - here are just a few:

  • Giving back, paying it forward, sharing and caring with someone “just like you were”.
  • Watching someone succeed tremendously with your guidance and care.
  • Hearing about and learning more about the leading edge technologies and todays cultures that these new professionals work in.
  • Stay connected and in tune with the latest ways to interact, communicate and work.
  • Become re-engaged.
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Thanks for your interest! Please follow the appropriate link below to join us at eMentorship. We will keep you updated as we work to build a great place for you to connect, share and learn.

Meet Marc

Marc Bombenon is the founder of eMentorship.

Marc is passionate about the abilities and experience of seasoned business professionals sharing ideas, experiences and working with bright aspiring university graduates hell bent on being successful and making a difference.
An active member of a global organization called YPO-WPO ( Young President’s Organization – World President’s Organization), he has participated actively in the launch of a global mentorship program in these two organizations.
Marc has experienced many business successes, and alas, one failure.  There are as many lessons in the successes as the failure.  To be able to share and care with just one other person and ensure they succeed professionally, is a fantastic experience.
For more information about Marc, please visit marcbombenon.org